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The UK's ONLY 365 days per year Text Messaging Service!

For an information pack & application form,
please ring the Birdnet Information Ltd office on
 0121 288 1111
& leave your details.

We provide up to the minute news on all Megas, National Rarities, Sub-rarities & scarcities as soon as we hear about them.

Updates on rarer vagrants (BBRC Rarities) will feature as and when they come in, and we will endeavour to keep you updated on scarce migrants (e.g. Red-backed Shrike, Pec Sand etc) on a less frequent but still regular basis throughout the day.

To subscribe to this service you need to be a Birdnet member. This costs 35 and gives you full access to our members-only cheap-rate phone line (2.8 to 7p/min), manned hotline for phoning in sightings, credit system for rewarding sightings being phoned in and personal backup from the Birdnet team should you wish to discuss ID, request lifts or an update on a bird you are travelling to see.

The cost of the news service is 59 and this, like the Birdnet Membership is an annual fee. It is cheaper than our pager service but as stated before, the information provided will be on the main birds of the day and will not feature every update on every bird we hear about.

You will note that our service has a flat-rate fee of 59 for the whole year, with no extra charges for "top-ups" and no limit to the number of messages you can receive (it is relatively quiet for the time of year & as of 12/5/03 we are currently sending about 50-60 messages per day).

You can design it to suit your needs for the information you want to receive and the areas you want to receive it from e.g. If you bird largely in the northeast and have Northumberland, Durham Cleveland and Yorkshire as your selected counties and go away to Cornwall for a holiday, you can change your news requirements with a single simple phone call to our office. You can also easily suspend the service in the same way should you go abroad.

In a worst-case scenario, we will, within a reasonable time, refund all unused credit for the phone service as from the day the service stops. The Birdnet Membership is non-refundable as you will already have been provided with the Members-only phone number and access to the backup services.

Mobile phones have one advantage over pagers in that if you are in an area of little or no coverage, or have the phone turned off, the message(s) sent to your phone will continue to cycle until you are in a position to receive them. You do, however have to delete the messages manually - you cannot receive new messages if your "Inbox" is full.

This service is NOT designed to be a replacement for the Birdnet Pager Service as it will not be as comprehensive. You will not hear about every Wood Sand or Black Tern that is reported. This is reflected in the price. It is designed to fill a niche & provide a news feed for those active birders who cannot justify the cost of a pager but still want to have up to the minute news about British rarities.

For an information pack & application form, please ring the Birdnet Information Ltd office on  0121 288 1111 & leave your details.

SMS News
Birdnet Info. Text Messaging Service - The UK's ONLY 365 days a year service!

BIRDNET INFO. the premier rare bird paging service. Read about it as it happens on the new Motorola Graphix.

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