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Birdnet offers a wide range of high quality optics and accessories, click to see the Optic Products List.

New Naturalist
Birdnet stocks all the New Naturalist titles, to view the whole collection and find details about Birdnet's New Naturalist Savings Club, click here.

Information Services


Available to Birdnet Members only. A recorded message listing all the latest bird news for the cost of a cheap rate call. Why pay 60 pence per minute when it can cost as little as 2.0 pence per minute. Some members are saving over 75 per quarter by not phoning premium rate lines. The bulletins are constantly updated throughout the day. This number is changed occasionally to discourage the freeloaders.


Phone in your bird news on 01623 511679 The hotline is manned 24 hours a day so you are guaranteed the personal service many people value when phoning in bird news or you can leave bird news at the end of the Newsline message. Birdnet Information Ltd rewards regular contributors by issuing vouchers; which are redeemable against any of the Birdnet Services.


As a supplement to the newsline service or a backup to the Pager system an extra 10 per year guarantees a personal phone call to you every time a designated mega-rarity turns up.

Outdoor Clothing
Birdnet is pleased to offer a range of Keela waterproof clothing. Click here to view our online store.

We have a wide selection of new and second hand bird books. Click here to view.

Click here for ORDER FORM
or Call 01298 71844

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