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Birdnet offers a wide range of high quality optics and accessories, click to see the Optic Products List.

New Naturalist
Birdnet stocks all the New Naturalist titles, to view the whole collection and find details about Birdnet's New Naturalist Savings Club, click here.
Quality Bird Food & Feeders

In response to demand, Birdnet are now stocking a range of bird feeders and quality bird food

Feeders Banquet Station Bird Table  

Pre-packed Bird Food (not available via mail order)
Peanuts Grade A: 25kg - 30.005kg Tubs* - 8.99
Wild bird food 20kg - 14.995kg Tubs* - 4.49
Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg - 19.995kg Tubs* - 9.49
Black Sunflower seed: 20kg - 18.995kg Tubs* - 6.49
Robin & Songbird Food 15kg - 18.995kg Tubs* - 8.49
Fruity Suet Pellets 10kg-18.995kg Tubs*-9.99
Niger seed 12.7kgs-16.995kg Tubs*-8.99
*Plastic Tubs 3 each.  

Dried Mealworms    500g 9.99

Fat Balls - 10 for 1.50  Tub of 50 6.99

Free delivery in Buxton area. tel 01298-71844 with your order.

Most credit cards accepted.

Birdfood prices are very volatile at present and prices may vary from those shown above

All Seasons Energy Ball Feeder

Royal Squirrel-Resistant Seed Feeder

Royal Squirrel-Resistant Peanut Feeder

Telescopic Squirrel-Resistant Seed Feeder

Telescopic Squirrel-Resistant Peanut Feeder

Royal Telescopic Seed Feeder
Royal Volume Seed Feeder
Royal Tower Seed Feeder
All Seasons Water Feeder
Sunflower Heart Feeder
All Seasons 4 Port Seed Feeder
All Seasons Filled Energy Ball Feeder
Suet Treat Basket
All Seasons Niger Seed Feeder (large)
All Seasons Niger Seed Feeder (small)

SILO Metal Seed Feeder 9.99
SILO Metal Nut Feeder 9.99

Natures Feast Banquet Station

A functional feeding station to which you can add your own feeders to suit the birds which you attract to your garden.

Simply tread it into firm ground. The double peg adds stability and prevents the banquet station from rotating in the wind

Constructed from long lasting quality materials.
Perma Deluxe Assembled
Bird Table

Comes ready assembled and is made from 100% FSC timber.

not available via mail order

Only 24.99 Only 24.99
Outdoor Clothing
Birdnet is pleased to offer a range of Keela waterproof clothing. Click here to view our online store.

We have a wide selection of new and second hand bird books. Click here to view.

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