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Postage and Packing for books at cost

Bastin, H. Freaks & Marvels of Insect Life 1954 vg £4.00
Buzzard, C.N. Shining Hours 1946 vg £1.50
Cheesman, E. Insects Indomitable 1952 vg/vg £8.00
Ford, E. B. Butterflies (NN) (ex Lib) 1946 g/p £7.00
Gaul, A.T. The Wonderful World of Insects (1st Ed) 1953 1st Ed £4.00
Higgins, L.G. & Riley, N.D. A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain & Europe 1970 vg/g £5.00
Hoyt, M. The World of Bees (1st Brit Ed) 1966 f/f £10.00
Hutchins, R.E. Insects (1st Ed) 1966 f/vg £8.00
Linssen, E.F. & Newman, L.H. Common Insects and Spiders 1969 f/vg £3.00
Lubbock, Sir J. Ants, Bees & Wasps 1898 vg £9.99
Oldroyd. H. Collecting, Preserving and Studying Insects 1963 g £2.99
Oldroyd. H. The Natural History of Flies (1st Ed) 1964 f/vg £25.00
Stokoe, W.J. The Observer's Book of British Butterflies g £3.99

Mammals, Reptiles, Fish etc.
Durrell, G. Catch Me A Colobus (1st Ed) 1972 vg/vg £9.99
Hanney, P.W. Rodents. Their Lives & Habitats (1st Ed) 1975 f/vg £2.99
Hanney, P.W. Rodents. Their Lives & Habitats (1st Ed) 1975 f/f £8.00
Harvie-Brown, J.A. A Vertebrate Fauna of Sotland. North-West Highlands & Skye 1904 vg £132.00
Harvie-Brown, J.A. & Buckley, T.E. A Vertebrate Fauna of Argyll and the Inner Hebrides 1892 vg £80.00
Hatley, J. The Observer's Book of Zoo Animals (1st Ed) 1972 f/f £5.00
Laidler, K. Squirrels in Britain (1st Ed) 1980 f/f £8.00
MacKinnon, J. In Search of the Red Ape 1974 f/vg £2.99
Matthews, L. H. British Mammals (NN) (ex Lib) 1960 g/p £8.00
McMillan, N.F. British Shells(1st Ed) 1968 f/vg £15.00
Peterson, R. Silently by Night. About the little-known but fascinating world of bats 1966 f/vg £8.00
Prater, S.H. The Book of Indian Animals 1980 f/g £7.50
Richardson, P. Bats 1994 f £6.00
Schultz, A.H. The Life of Primates 1969 f/f £10.00
Southern, H.N.(Ed) The Handbook of British Mammals 1965 f/vg £9.99
Southern, H.N.(Ed) The Handbook of British Mammals (1st Ed) 1964 f/vg £12.99
Stokoe, W.J. & Burton, M. The Observer's Book of Wild Animals 1961 f £2.99
Stokoe, W.J. & Burton, M. The Observer's Book of Wild Animals 1938 vg/vg £5.00
Stokoe, W.J. & Burton, M. The Observer's Book of Wild Animals 1971 f/f £4.00
Wells, A.L. The Observer's Book of Sea Fishes 1962 vg £3.99
Wells, A.L. The Observer's Book of Sea Fishes 1979 f £3.99

Atkinson, R. J. C. Stonehenge & Avebury. 1959 Pbk £2.00
Attenborough, D. Life On Earth (Reader's Digest Augmented & Enlarged Edition) 1980 f/f £6.00
Attenborough, D. The Living Planet 1985 vg/vg £1.50
Attenborough, D. The Living Planet 1992 pbk £4.00
Attenborough, D. The Living Planet 1985 f/f £6.00
Ayensu, E.S. et al Our Green & Living World 1984 f/f £10.00
Beach Thomas, Sir W. The way of a Countryman 1944 vg/g £5.00
Bellamy, D Bellamy's Europe 1976 Pbk £2.00
Benningfield, G. & Zeman, A. Hardy Country. 1983 f/f Price-clipped £10.00
Brockie, K. Wildlife Sketchbook 1981 f/vg £9.99
Carson, R. Silent Spring 1963 vg/g Ex-Lib £2.99
Ceram, C. W. A Picture History of Archaeology. 1963 Pbk £4.00
Crouch, M. Detective in the Landscape in South East England. 1972 vg/vg £4.00
Cunningham, D. D. Some Indian Friends & Acquaintances. 1903 vg £12.00
Dasman, R. F. Environmental Conservation. 1968 vg Ex-lib £5.00
Debenham, F. Discovery and Exploration. An atlas-history of man's journeys into the unknown 1961 f £2.00
Delair, J. B. Collecting Rocks & Fossils. 1966 f/vg £2.00
Dillard, E. & Causin, S. The Good Bed and Breakfast Guide 1989 Pbk £1.99
DiSilvestro, R. Audubon: Natural Priorities 1994 f/f £7.50
Durrell, G. The Whispering Land 1962 f/f £8.00
Durrell, J. Beasts in my Bed 1967 vg/g £5.00
Evans, I. O. The Observer's Book of Geology. 1973 vg/vg £6.00
Evens, G.B. Out With Romany Once More (1st Ed) 1940 vg £3.50
Fisher, J. Shell Nature Lovers' Atlas 1966 Pbk £1.50
Fitter, R. & Scott, P. The Penitent Butcher (Ex Lib) 1978 f/f £2.99
Gallimore, E.B. The Pride of the Peak 1926 vg £4.99
Gordon, D. Wild Life in Devon (1st Ed) 1923 vg £5.00
Gordon, S. Amid Snowy Wastes. Wildlife on the Spitsbergen Archipelago (1st Ed) 1922 vg £75.00
Gordon, S. The Land of the Hills and the Glens. Wild Life in Iona and the Inner Hebrides 1920 Reprint. vg £9.99
Grigson, G. The Shell Country Alphabet. 1966 vg £3.00
Haes, E.C.M. Natural History of Sussex (1st Ed) 1977 f/f £8.00
Hepper, F.N. (Ed) Wakehurst Place. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. 1983 Pbk £1.50
Hickin, N.E. Household Insect Pests 1964 vg £2.99
Hine, R.L. (Ed) The Natural History of the Hitchin Region 1934 vg £25.00
Hywel-Davies, J. & Thom, V. The Macmillan Guide to Britain's Nature Reserves 1984 f/f £15.00
Jefferies, R. Wild Life in a Southern County (Illustrated by C.F. Tunnicliffe) (1st Ed) 1978 f/f £25.00
Kenyon, K.M. Beginning in Archaeology 1964 Pbk £3.00
Kirkaldy, J. F. Minerals & Rocks. 1963 vg/vg £3.00
Knight, M. Fieldwork for Young Naturalists 1966 vg/vg £2.99
Lee, B. Guide to Fields, Farms & Hedgerows. 1985 vg £1.99
Ley, W. Dragons in Amber 1951 vg/vg £5.00
Lockley, R.M. Islands Round Britain 1945 £8.00
Lockley, R.M. The Nature Lovers' Anthology 1951 vg £2.99
Marks, R. The Guide to The Burrell Collection 1990 Pbk £2.00
McKelvie, C. A Country Naturalist's Year 1993 f/vg £2.99
Mitchel, A. W. The Enchanted Canopy. 1986 f/f £8.00
Moorehead, A. Darwin and the Beagle 1971 Pbk £8.00
Morse, R. Life in Pond & Stream (1st Ed) 1945 vg Ex-Lib £1.00
Newman, L.H., Scott, P. & Fisher, J. Nature Parliament 1952 vg/p £40.00
Niall, I. Portrait of a Country Artist 1983 f/vg £7.50
Ordnance Survey Field Archaeology. 1963 Pbk £3.00
Pearl, A. An Introduction to The Mineral Kingdom 1966 f/vg £2.99
Protheroe, E. New Illustrated Natural History of the World vg £6.00
Ricard, M. Mysteries of Animal Migration 1970 f/g £2.99
Ritchie, R. et al North Queensland Wet Tropics. A guide for travellers 1995 Pbk £2.99
Roberts, E.L. Happy Countryman 1956 vg/g £8.00
Rúdelberger, F.A. & Groschoff, V.I. Wild Life of the South Seas 1967 vg/g £3.25
Rye, A. Gilbert White & his Selborne (1st Ed). 1970 £12.00
Sankey, J. Nature Guide to South-East England. 1981 Pbk £3.50
Scott, P. Travel Diaries of a Naturalist Vol l 1983 f/f £14.99
Scott, P. Travel Diaries of a Naturalist Vol l 1983 f/vg Price-clipped £4.99
Scott, P. Travel Diaries of a Naturalist Vol lll 1987 f/vg Price-clipped £19.99
Scott, P. & P. Faraway Look One 1960 f/f £6.00
Seymour, J The Countryside Explained 1977 Pbk £3.00
St John, C. A Scottish Naturalist 1982 f/vg £12.00
Street, P. Animal Partners & Parasites (1st Ed) 1975 f/f £6.00
The National Trust National Trust Atlas 1964 f/g £0.99
Thompson, A.R. Nature By Day 1934 vg £3.00
Thorburn, A. Thorburn's Naturalist's Sketchbook 1977 vg/vg £8.00
Trent, C. The Changing Face of England. 1957 f £2.00
Tullock, B. Migrations - Travels of a Naturalist 1991 f/f £6.00
van Riemsdijk, J. & Sharp, P. In the Science Museum 1968 Pbk £3.00
Various Larousse Encyclopedia of Animal Life 1974 v/vg Price-clipped £4.99
Whitaker, F.Z.S. Nimrod, Ramrod, Fishing Rod and Nature Tales (2nd Impression) 1910 vg £35.00
Whitaker, J. Scribblings of a Hedgerow Naturalist 1904 f £75.00
Wilkinson, G. Woodland Walks 1985 vg/vg £3.00
Williamson, H. The Scandaroon 1972 f/f Ex-Lib £1.99
Wood, J.G. The Handy Natural History 1886 vg £5.00
The World We Live In vg/vg £2.00

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