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Bagnall, J.E. Handbook of Mosses 1886 vg £3.00
Beckett, K. A. The RHS Encyclopedia of House Plants. 1990 f/vg £12.00
Bellamy, D Bellamy on Botany 1972 Pbk £1.50
Bentham, G. & Hooker, J.D. Handbook of The British Flora 1945 f Ex-Lib £2.99
Bertrand, A. Indoor Plants & how to grow them. 1955 vg/vg £4.00
Bourne, M. J. et al Fruits & Vegetables of the Caribbean. 1988 Pbk £1.50
Bramwell, D. & Z. Wild Flowers of the Canary Islands 1974 f/f Price-clipped £25.00
Brimble, L. J. F. Trees in Britain. 1948 f/f £12.00
Brown, J. Vita's Other World. A gardening biography of V. Sackville-West 1985 f/f £4.99
Burns, M-A. Plant Anatomy Book 1 1964 Pbk £4.99
Cahill, L. W. & Panting, P. J. Cacti & Succulents. 1957 vg £2.00
Chatto, B. Unusual Plants. Pbk £3.00
Christiansen, M.S. Grasses, Sedges and Rushes in colour 1979 f/f £5.00
Clapham, A.R. (Ed) Flora of Derbyshire (1st Ed) 1969 f/f £25.00
Clark, D. Pelargoniums. (Kew Gardening Guides) 1988 f/f £4.00
Collman, J. Hants & Dorset's Wild Flowers 1975 Pbk £1.00
Cooper, M.A. & Johnson, A.W. Poisonous plants in Britain 1984 f £35.00
Corner, E.J.H. The Life of Plants 1964 f/f £10.00
Correvon, H Flore Alpine (7th Edition) f/vg £5.99
Dakers, J. S. Greenhouse Plants in colour. 1962 f/vg £5.00
Darlington, C.D. & Ammal, E.K.J. Chromosome Atlas of Cultivated Plants 1945 f Ex-Lib £1.99
Duddington, C.L. Beginner's Guide to Seaweed 1971 vg/g £2.00
Edlin, H. L. The Observer's Book of Trees. 1975 f/vg £5.00
Eliis, E.A., Perring, F. & Randall, R.E. Britain's Rarest Plants 1977 softback £0.50
Elliott, P. The Garden & The Handicapped Child 1978 vg Ex-Lib £2.99
Everard, B & Morley, B. D. Wild Flowers of the World. 1974 vg/vg £10.00
Fox, T. How to find and Name Flowers 1907 vg Ex-Lib £1.99
Fuhrer, B. & Marchant, N. Wildflowers of the Stirling Range 1989 Pbk £0.99
Gilmour, J. & Walters, M. Wild Flowers. (Ex Lib) 1973 vg/vg Price-clipped £18.00
Godwin, H. Plant Biology. 1939 vg £3.00
Grace, J. (Ed) Trees & Shrubs. 1984 f/f £5.00
Griffiths, A. N. Collins Guide to Alpines. 1964 f/vg £6.00
Grigson, G. Wild Flowers in Britain 1947 vg/vg £5.00
Haworth-Booth, M. Effective Flowering Shrubs 1962 vg/vg £8.00
Hay, T. Plants for the Connoisseur 1945 vg £2.99
Hellyer, A. G. L. Sanders' Encyclopaedia of Gardening 1952 f £2.99
Hepper, F.N. (ed) Kew. Gardens for Science & Pleasure 1982 f/f £4.99
Higgins, V. Cacti for Decoration. 1956 vg £3.00
Hills, L.D. Alpine Gardening 1955 f £4.00
Honychurch, P. N. Caribbean Wild Plants & Their Uses. 1986 Pbk £3.00
Hvass, E. & H. Mushrooms & Toadstools 1961 vg £1.99
Jordan, M. The Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe 1995 f/f £19.99
Keble Martin, W. The Concise British Flora in Colour. 1972 Pbk £1.99
Lamb, E. The Flowering of your Cacti. 1955 f £3.00
Langmead, C. A Passion for Plants - the life and vision of Ghillean Prance. 1995 f/f £8.00
Lennox, G. W. & Seddon, S. A. Flowers of the Caribbean. 1988 Pbk £1.50
Lepper, J. D. Orchids of Greece. 1981 Pbk £1.50
Loughmiller, C.L. Texas Wildflowers 1989 Pbk £5.99
Lousley, J. E. The Flora of the Isles of Scilly (1st Ed) 1971 f/f £35.00
Löwenmo, R. Arbres et Arbustes de Parcs et de Jardins pbk £5.00
Mathew, B. Flowering Bulbs for the Garden. (Kew Gardening Guides) 1987 f/f £4.00
McDowall, P. Pressed Flower Pictures. 1969 f/g £3.00
Milne, L. & M. Living Plants of the World. 1967 f/vg £2.00
Mondadori, A. (Ed) The Macdonald Encyclopedia of Flowers for Balcony & Garden. 1983 Pbk £5.00
Moore, D. M. (Ed) Green Planet. The Story of Plant Life on Earth. 1982 f/f £6.00
Mullins, B. & Baglin, D. Western Australian Wildflowers in Colour. 1978 f/f £3.00
Nat Fed of Women's Institutes Shrubs for Small Gardens (Ex-Lib) 1965 pbk £0.99
National Cactus & Succulent Society & Ginns, R. A Guide to Cactus & Succulent Plants. 1966 Pbk £1.00
Neuner, A. British and European Mushrooms and Fungi. 1978 Pbk £1.50
Œubik, R. Decorative Cacti. 1971 f/vg £2.00
Ottery, J. The Isles of Scilly Wild Flower Guide (Signed Copy) 1996 Pbk £9.99
Parish, M. & D. Flowers in the Wild (signed copy) 1983 f/f £15.00
Park, B. Collins Guide to Roses 1956 vg/g £4.99
Perry, F. Collins Guide to Border Plants 1957 vg/g £8.00
Perry, F. Flowers of the World. 1972 f/vg £2.00
Polunin, I. Plants & Flowers of Malaysia 1988 f/vg £10.00
Polunin, I. Plants & Flowers of Singapore 1989 f/vg £12.00
Porsild, A.E. & Lid, D.T. Rocky Mountain Wild Flowers 1979 Pbk £3.00
Pounds, W.Z. Common Flowering Plants of the Monteverde Cloud Forest 1987 Pbk £1.00
Prance, Prof. Sir G. Smart Plants 1997 Pbk £0.50
Pursey, H. Wild Flowers. 1978 vg £2.00
Rolsh Productions Wildflowers of the Western State Pbk £1.00
Roper, L. The Gardens in the Royal Park at Windsor (1st Ed). 1959 f/g £10.00
Rose, F. The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers. 1979 vg/vg £3.00
Rose, F. & Stokoe, W.J. The Observer's Book of Ferns 1966 vg/vg £6.00
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Margaret Mee's Amazon Pbk £1.99
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew The Marine Display Pbk £0.50
Sanecki, K. N. The Complete Book of Herbs. 1975 f/g £5.00
Savonius, M All Colour Book of Mushrooms and Fungi 1974 Pbk £6.00
Schröter, L. & C. Alpine Flora. vg £8.00
Schröter, L. & C. Alpine Flora. g/g £6.00
Scott, S.H. The Observer's Book of Cacti and Other Succulents 1964 vg £2.00
Scott, S.H. The Observer's Book of Cacti and Other Succulents 1967 vg/vg £5.00
Scotter, G. W. & Flygare, H. Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies. 1993 Pbk £5.00
Seddon, S. A. & Lennox, G. W. Trees of the Caribbean. 1988 Pbk £1.50
Shuttleworth, F. S. et al Orchids. 1989 Pbk £2.00
Soothill, E & Fairhurst, A. The New Field Guide to Fungi. 1978 vg/vg £6.00
Stewart, J. Orchids. (Kew Gardening Guides) 1988 f/f £8.00
Stirton, C. H. (Ed) Plant Invaders. Beautiful, but dangerous 1978 vg/vg £6.00
Stokoe, W. J. The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers. 1955 vg £3.00
Stokoe, W. J. The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers. 1959 vg/g £5.00
Stokoe, W. J. The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers. 1966 vg/g £5.00
Stokoe, W. J. The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers. 1975 f/f price-clipped £5.00
Stokoe, W.J. The Observer's Book of Trees and Shrubs 1955 vg £3.00
Synge, P.M. Collins Guide to Bulbs 1961 f/vg £4.99
Taylor, J. Climbing Plants. (Kew Gardening Guides) 1987 f/f £5.00
Thomas, G.S. Perennial Garden Plants or The Modern Florilegium 1982 f/vg £10.00
Tosco, U. The World of Mushrooms 1973 f/g £2.00
Turrill, W. B. British Plant Life (NN) 1971 f/f Price-clipped £7.00
Turrill, W. B. British Plant Life (NN) (ex Lib) 1958 vg/p Price-clipped £7.00
Turrill, W. B. The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew 1959 vg £4.00
Walker, C.F. The Alpine Garden 1954 f £1.99
Wearn, E. D. The Flower Show. 1985 f/vg £3.00
Went, F. W. et al Life Nature Library - The Plants. 1965 vg £6.00
A Guide to 101 Wildflowers of Western Australia Pbk £0.50
Proteas Nature's Pride Pbk £1.99
Reader's Digest Complete Library of the Garden (3 Vols) 1963 vg in Slip Case £6.99

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