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Birdnet offers a wide range of high quality optics and accessories, click to see the Optic Products List.

New Naturalist
Birdnet stocks all the New Naturalist titles, to view the whole collection and find details about Birdnet's New Naturalist Savings Club, click here.
Opticron Binoculars


We send by next day Courier from 8 or, for heavier items, from 12. 5 for compacts and 2 for small items.

Compact Binoculars
Traveller 8x32 SOLD OUT
8x25 Vega 56
8x25 Taiga 91
Opticron Traveller 8x32
10x42 DBA Oasis
Discovery WP PC Mg
Full size Roof Prism Binoculars
8x42 Discovery WP PC Magnesium     SRP 159
8x32  Imagic BGA SE 399
8x42 Imagic BGA SE 409
10x42 Imagic BGA SE 419
8x42 Countryman BGA T WP 254
8x32 Verano BGA PC Oasis 335
8x42 Verano BGA PC Oasis 345
10x42 Verano BGA PC Oasis 355
Opticron Countryman BGA T WP
8x42 BGA Monocular
8x42 BGA 142
8x30 Waterproof 80
8x20 Gallery Scope 80
Gallery Scope Stand 3x + LED 36

Porro Prism Binoculars
Aspheric 8x40 79

Outdoor Clothing
Birdnet is proud to offer a new range of waterproof clothing. Click here to view our online store.

We have a wide selection of new and second hand bird books. Click here to view.

Click here for ORDER FORM
or Call 01298 71844

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