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Leica telescopes

  Kowa Opticron Swarovski    

We are no longer a Leica stockist.

APO 82 APO 65 D-Lux 4 Tripods 62/77 Accessories

Model SRP Our Price
8x20 Black   No Stock
8x20 Red   NS
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APO Televid 82  
Model SRP Our Price
APO Televid 82 Angled/Straight + 25-50x WW ASPH    NS
Stay-on Case   NS

APO Televid 65
Model SRP Our Price
APO Televid 65 Angled/Straight + 25-50x WW ASPH   NS
Stay-on Case   NS

Both the 82 and the 65 scopes will take filters. Thin mount filters will fit (with a bit of a struggle) in front of the objective lenses rather than on the hoods.

While the 82 has a plain glass element fitted in front of the APO objective as a protective measure, the 65 does not.

65/82 Televid  Accessories
Digital Adapter 3 SOLD OUT
Digital Adapter 4 for D-Lux 4 camera.


The LEICA D-LUX 4 digital camera is ideal for digiscoping. When the protection ring on the lens is demounted the screw thread is free; this can then be used to fix the camera to the digiscoping adapter. which ensures that the mounting is true and the lens is exactly central.

As well as its high resolution and the high performance image processing technology the D-Lux 4 has two more important digiscoping benefits: it has an image stabalisation system that ensures steady images and with only a press of a button you can push the ISO-factor to 3200. Using this fast setting makes photography in low light, even early dawn, possible.

D-Lux 4 camera SOLD OUT
Go here for images with this camera on the APO 65


The two tripods Leica Trima 1 (compact magnesium tripod) and Leica Trica 1 (lightweight carbon fibre tripod) ensure a stable base for your digiscoping kit. As opposed to the classic magnesium tripod Trima 1, the Trica 1 is 15 cm higher at 175cm (without head) but weighs only 180g more and this low weight which will be much appreciated when carrying over longer distances.

Both tripods come with the DH 1 head

Tripods Kits
Leica Trima 1349
Leica Trica 1SO

Leica TRIMA 1 Leica DH 1 head

62/77 Televids & Accessories

APO 62 (angled)+32w+Leica stay on case


APO 77 (angled)+20-60+Leica stay on case SOLD

20-60x/16-48x Zoom (last one) SOLD
40/32WW SOLD
20/16WW (1 only) SOLD

SLR Photo Adapter
T62 - 800mm, T77 - 1000mm
Digital Adapter 2 SOLD
62 Stay-on case (angled) SOLD

Outdoor Clothing
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