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Poysers updated 13th Sept 2014 


Alexander, H.G. Seventy Years Birdwatching 1974 f/f SOLD
Avery M. and Leslie R. Birds and Forestry 1st f/f 20.00
Batten et al Red Data Birds in Britain 1st f/vg dj creased at top of spine. 14.99
Batten et al Red Data Birds in Britain 1st f/f 19.99
Birkhead T.R. The Magpies 1991 1st f/f 19.99
Birkhead, T. Great Auk Islands 1983 1st f/f SOLD
Brazil, M. The Whooper Swan 2003 1st as new 45.00
Brook M. The Manx Shearwater 1990 m/m SOLD
Brown & Grice Birds in England 2005 m/m 40.00
Byrkjedal & Thompson. Tundra Plovers 1998 m/m 19.99
Campbell, B. & Lack, E. A Dictionary of Birds 1985 1st f/f SOLD
Davis, L.S. & Renner, M. Penguins 2003 1st new 19.99
Davis. N.B. Cuckoos Cowbirds & Other Cheats 2000 1st f/f SOLD
Donald, P.F. The Skylark 2004 1st as new 35.00
Dudley, S. et al Rare Birds Day by Day 1996 1st f/f 30.00
Dymond, J.N. et al Rare Birds in Britain & Ireland 1989 1st f/f 14.99
Elkins N. Weather and Bird Behaviour 1983 1st f/f SOLD
Finlayson, C. Birds of the Strait of Gibraltar 1992 1st f/f   35.00
Fisher, J. & Flegg, J. Watching Birds 1974 1st f/f 14.99
Forsman, D. The Raptors of Europe & Middle East 1998 1st f/f 35.00
Fry, C.H. The Bee-Eaters 1st 1984 f/f SOLD
Fuller R.J. Bird Habitats in Britain 1982 1st f/f SOLD
Furness, R.W. The Skuas 1st 1987 f/f price clipped SOLD
Gaston A.J. The Ancient Murrelet 1st 1992 f/f 30.00
Gibbons, D.W. , Reid, J.B. & Chapman, R.A. The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain & Ireland 1988-1991 1993 1st f/f SOLD
Grant, P.J. Gulls - a Guide to Identification 1st 1982 vg/vg 20.00
Grant, P.J. Gulls - a Guide to Identification rp 1997 f/f 20.00
Harris, M.P. The Puffin 1991 1st reprint f/f 25.00
Hagemeijer & Blair E.B.B.C. Atlas of Europeian Breeding Birds. 1997 1st new 35.00
Hickling, R. (ed) Enjoying Ornithology 1983 1st f/f 19.99
Hollom, Porter et al Birds of Middle East & N.Africa 1988 1st f/f 19.99
Holloway, S. Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain & Ireland 1996 1st f/vg SOLD
Hutchinson, C.D. Birds in Ireland 1989 1st f/f 24.99
Johnson and Cezilly The Greater Flamingo 1st mint 40.00
Kear, J. Man and Wildfowl 1990 1st f/f 20.00
Kear, J. & Berger A.J. The Hawaiian Goose 1990 1st f/f SOLD
Kear, J. & Duplaix-Hall N. Flamingos 1975 1st f/f SOLD
Kenward. R The Goshawk 2006 1st new SOLD
Laughton Johnston. J A Naturalist's Shetland 1999 1st f/f 25.00
Lack, P. The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain & Ireland 1986 1st f/f SOLD
Lloyd, Tasker & Partridge The Status of Seabirds in Britain & Ireland 1991 1st f/f 14.99
Lovegrove, R. et al Birds in Wales 1994 1st f/f 39.00
Lundberg, A. & Alatalo, R.V. Pied Flycatcher 1992 1st f/f SOLD
Martin, G. Birds by Night 1990 1st f/f 25.00
Marzluff, J.M. & Balda, R.P. The Pinyon Jay 1992 1st f/f 30.00
Matthysen, E. The Nuthatches 1998 1st m/m 25.00
Mikkola.H. Owls of Europe 1983 1st f/f  SOLD
Nelson.B. The Gannet 1978 1st f/f price clipped 35.00
Nethersole-Thompson D & M. Waders their breeding haunts and watchers 1986 1st f/f SOLD
Nethersole-Thompson, D. Greenshanks 1979 1st f/f 30.00
Nethersole-Thompson, D. Pine Crossbills 1975 1st f/f SOLD
Newton.I. Population Ecology of Raptors 1997 3rd edition f/f SOLD
Newton.I. The Sparrowhawk 1986 1st f/f SOLD
Ogilvie, M.A. Wild Geese 1978 1st f/f 35.00
Ogilvie, M.A. Ducks of Britain & Europe 1975 1st f/f 35.00
Parslow. J. Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland 1973 1st f/vg 25.00
Pitches and Cleeves. Birds New To Britain 2005 1st f/f 40.00
Porter, R.F. et al Flight I.D. of European Raptors 1974 1st f/vg 25.00
Porter, R.F. et al Flight I.D. of European Raptors 1992 rp f/f 20.00
Porter, R.F. et al. Flight I.D. of European Raptors 1981 rp m/m SOLD
Potapov & Sale The Gyrfalcon 2005 1st f/f 35.00
Poyser Bird Observatories In Britian & Ireland 1st f/f 25.00
Poyser Birdwatchers' Year 1st 1973 f/vg priced clipped; 20.00
Prater, A.J. Estuary Birds 1981 1st f/g fading on spine chipped+yellow 19.99
Radcliffe, D. The Peregrine Falcon 1980 1st f/vg creased on back of dj dedication by author. SOLD
Ratcliffe, D. The Peregrine Falcon 2nd Ed. 1993 f/f SOLD
Ratcliffe, D. Raven 1997 f/f SOLD
Sharrock, The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland 1977 rp f/vg 10.00
Sharrock, The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland 1987 rp f/vg 10.00
Sharrock, J.T.R. Rare Birds in Britain & Ireland 1976 1st f/f 15.00
Sharrock, J.T.R. Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain & Ireland 1974 1st f/f 25.00
Sharrock,J.R.T. The Natural History of Cape Clear Island. 1973 1st f/f 149.00
Sharrock,J.R.T.& Grant P.J. Birds New to Britain and Ireland 1982 1st f/f 20.00
Shrubb.M The Lapwing 20071st new 40.00
Snow D.and B. Birds and Berries 1988 1st f/f 19.99
Summers-Smith J.D. In Search of Sparrows 1992 1st f/f SOLD
Summers-Smith, J.D. The Sparrows 1988 f/vg fading to spine  SOLD
Thom Valerie M. Birds in Scotland. 1986 1st f/f fep stuck to front boards 25.00
Tyler, S. & Ormerod, S. Dippers 1994 1st f/f SOLD
Van Rhijn, J.G. The Ruff 1991 1st f/f SOLD
Vaughan, R. In Search of Arctic Birds 1st 1992 f/f  SOLD
Village, A. The Kestrel 1990 1st f/f 45.00
Voisin, C. Herons of Europe 1991 1st f/f SOLD
Warburton, A. The Barn Owl 1982 1st f/f  SOLD
Watson, D. Hen Harrier 1977 1st f/f SOLD
Watson, J. The Golden Eagle 1997 1st m/m 19.99
Weaver, P. The Birdwatchers Dictionary 1981 1st f/f 14.99

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