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Fishing Titles

Postage and Packing for books at cost Updated 18th September 2009



Adamson, W.A.Lake and Loch Fishing (1st Ed) 1961vg/vg Price-clipped9.99
Bark, A.V. (Ed)West Country Fly Fishing (1st Ed)1983f/f4.99
Bazley, J.H.R & Weatherall, N.L.Coarse Fishing 1947vg no dj2.99
Buckland, J.A Pocket Guide to Trout & Salmon Flies 1986vg/vg. Price-clipped3.00
Bucknall, G.Fly-fishing tactics on still water (1st Ed)1966vg/vg4.99
Buller, F. & Falkus, H.Falkus & Buller's Freshwater Fishing1990Paperback 4.99
Chalmers, P.R.At The Tail Of The Weir1984Paperback 3.00
Chaytor, A.H.Letters to a Salmon Fisher's Son1983Paperback 4.00
Chrystal, Maj.R.A.Angling Theories and Methods19271st Ed. Signed. vg no dj 11.99
Currie, W.B.Days and Nights of Game Fishing (1st Ed)1984 vg/vg4.99
Currie, W.B.The Guinness Guide to Game Fishing (1st Ed)1980f/f9.99
Falkus, H.Salmon Fishing, a Practical Guide (1st Ed)1984vg/vg24.99
Falkus, H. & Buller, F.Freshwater Fishing1990Paperback4.99
Farson, N & Tunnicliffe, C.F.Going Fishing1943 g no dj4.99
Frost, W.E. & Brown, M.E.The Trout1970 Paperback3.49
Goddard, J.Trout Flies of Still water (1st Ed)1969vg/f9.99
Hillaby, J.Within the Streams (1st Ed)1949g no dj4.99
Ivens, T.C.Still Water Fly-fishing1970vg/vg9.99
Johnson, S.Fishing From Afar (1st Ed)1947vg no dj19.99
Keeling, C.Fish-it! A Guide to Coarse Fishing in the South Yorkshire area2005Paperback5.99
Maxwell, G.Harpoon at a Venture (1st Ed)1952g no dj1.99
Neville, J.Trials and Triumphs of an Angler1991Paperback. Signed. Rubbed hole in front cover SOLD
Oatts, Col H.A.Loch Trout (1st Ed)1958vg/vgSOLD
Ogborne, C.S.Blagdon (signed by author)1987vg/vg9.99
Parton, S.Boatfishing for Trout (1st Ed)1983vg/vg9.99
Ransome, A.Rod & Line1982Paperback1.99
Skues, G.E.MItchen Memoires1984Paperback2.99
Smylie, M.Herring. A History of the Silver Darlings2004Paperback2.99
Taverner, E.The Making of a Trout Stream (1st Ed)1953vg/vg9.99
Taylor, F.J.My Fishing Years (1st Ed)1981vg/vg14.99
Thelwell, N.A Plank Bridge by a Pool (1st Ed)1978vg/vg9.99
Turing, H.D. (Ed)Where to Fish1937vg no dj. Pull-out map of UK on ifc 2.99
Viscount Grey of FallodonFly Fishing1934vg no dj9.99
Walker, R.Still-water Angling1978vg/vg Price-clipped14.99
Williams, A.C. A Dictionary of Trout Flies 1968 vg/g 5.99

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