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Birdnet offers a wide range of high quality optics and accessories, click to see the Optic Products List.

New Naturalist
Birdnet stocks all the New Naturalist titles, to view the whole collection and find details about Birdnet's New Naturalist Savings Club, click here.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

They are easily installed inside the phone under the battery and act as an extension to the phone's aerial to give you upto 50% better reception.

We have already tried and tested them on our mobiles here in the office and seem them working for ourselves. Paul installed one in his Orange phone and tried it out at home where the coverage is very poor. He can now get messages upstairs at home and in areas where before the phone was virtually useless.

They are not capable of providing coverage in areas where there is none; they are designed to provide enough of a boost to your phone's signal in areas where coverage is poor and you may find it difficult to connect or keep dropping calls while trying to phone in that all-important rarity news!

I have found it especially useful if I am using my phone with the hands-free kit in my car as the booster helps keep the signal at a useable level even when driving through areas where coverage fluctuates because of topography or distance from transmitters.

We cannot promise you will see a VAST difference or improvement in reception, but we can assure you that they do work (almost un-noticed) and living here in hilly & valley-filled Derbyshire, they have already proven so!

We are selling these boosters at 3 each (or 2.50 each for 2 or more) + 50p P+P.

If you would like one, (including full installation details) then please send a cheque for 3.50 (or 2.50 each for more than one & 50p P+P) LEAVING THE PAYEE BLANK to:

Birdnet Phone Boosters, 5 London Rd, Buxton, Derbys. SK17 9PA.

And do not forget to include your name and return address.

One final cautionary word - the manufacturers say they do not seem to have much effect on One-2-One phones.

Outdoor Clothing
Birdnet is proud to offer a new range of waterproof clothing. Click here to view our online store.

We have a wide selection of new and second hand bird books. Click here to view.

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